Grampians Fire, Climate and Biodiversity research highlighted in new Wild Melbourne Science Short


A few weeks back, while we were in the Grampians for our undergraduate field program, the team from Wild Melbourne came and visited us for a couple of days. They were out to film for their upcoming documentary on environmental issues in Victoria. As such they spent time talking with me and PhD student Susannah Hale about our long-term fire, climate and biodiversity research in the Grampians.

It was a really good Science Communication exercise having to discuss research concepts and outcomes in a way that has relevance to a broad sector of society. As part of the exercise the Wild Melbourne team have produced a Science Short about the research. You can check it out here

So who is Wild Melbourne? They are a non-profit organisation dedicated to the protection of our environment and to teaching people the importance and majesty of native species and landscapes. From Port Phillip Bay to the high country, Wild Melbourne focuses on the nature around our city. If you are into nature and the wonders of Victoria I encourage you to get on board with Wild Melbourne for the amazing ride they are taking people on.

Their website is at

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If you want to stay up to date on what is happening in our Grampians research check out

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